Our Story

Our Story

OUR STORY On March 25, 2019, Gabe's Cave began its journey into the pop culture world. Here at the Cave, it's our mission and goal to create a fun and interactive space that everyone can feel apart of. It’s through superheroes, movies, games, tv shows, comic books, artwork, action figures, and more that we invite everyone to be apart of our atmosphere!

Gabe’s Cave was put into motion for a more specific reason, however. Gabe, the host of our channel, was bullied for a small portion of his life. The negative environment resulted in Gabe being a bit more reserved than his normal self. To combat the effects of bullying, his dad and himself started a weekly Facebook show called Gabe’s Cave. This opened up a door for Gabe to break out of his shell and talk about things he is familiar with, like video games and superheroes. As time went on, the Cave began to continuously grow and expand, causing the opening of Gabe’s very own Youtube channel! Now, Gabe's Cave is composed of more than 10 working crew members and artists from all over the world.

Ultimately, our message to our audience is that whatever life has brought you through, you definitely are apart of our family here at Gabe’s Cave! So welcome to the Cave friends! We hope you stay awhile and follow along this journey with us!


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