Meet The Team

Get to Know Us! You've met some of us on YouTube, but did you know there are more crew members off-screen? There are many working parts to Gabe's Cave and it's all hands on deck! In this tab of our page, we will introduce you to everyone who plays a part in Gabe's Cave!





Brandon has been with the Cave the longest. He was the very first host outside of the Rosson family! When Gabes Cave first hit the ground running, he would help Marty and Gabe with content, audio, and visuals! Brandon is a US veteran and also our big comic guy! Got comic book questions? Brandon is your man!





The one and only, Gabe Rosson! Gabe is our number one host and the sole reason we do what we do now! Gabe sometimes may be quiet on screen, but don't let that fool you. When he is not at school, you can catch Gabe in his original cave playing some video games!





No surprise here, but Darren is Gabe's older brother! Darren jumped on board to help out Gabe back in May of 2020 and hasn't looked back since. Darren also is a huge car enthusiast. If you ever spot him at a con and want to talk cars, he is all ears!





Known for his iconic name, Uncle Nasty, his real name is actually Chris! But let's be honest, Uncle Nasty is just way more fun. Not only is Chris a co-host for the Cave, but he is also a United States Veteran and comic book enthusiast! Uncle Nasty may be a tad crazy, but he is actually a huge teddy bear!



Executive Producer


The man who started it all! Marty is the executive producer of Gabe's Cave. His desire to help Gabe start his channel stemmed not only from Gabe's backstory but from his love of the comic world as well. Being a huge comic collector, Marty actually owned his very own card shop back in the 90s!



Video Editor


Chris is Gabe's Cave official audio and video editor. He handles all of our film work for each episode! With several years of experience in the film industry, Chris was more than excited to be apart of the Gabe's Cave team!



Crew Maintenance


Shawn is Gabe's Cave's muscle and handyman! Without Shawn, you would see less of the Cave at Comic-Cons! Shawn helps with the setup and tear down of our booth at any and all comic shows!



Social Media Coordinator


Allison is Gabe's Cave's social media coordinator. More often than not, she is running all of the Cave's social media, like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok!


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