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The Adventures of Gabe's Cave #2 (The Last Hunt)

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Issue #2 - The Last Hunt

The snow-capped peaks of the Colorado mountains loomed ominously over the Gabe's Cave crew. They had come to this remote location to go hunting like they do every year, but this not the usual spot that they are able to book and had to settle for less than optimal lodging. Upon arriving were warned by the old caretaker of strange happenings that no one could explain. Some of these stories include a familiar myth: the Yeti.

The friends laughed off the rumors. They were there to relax and take bets on who would be the apex hunter at trip's end. Others were there just to get away from their daily lives that becoming too much to bear.

But as the days went by, they began to notice strange things happening. Footprints appeared in the snow that were too large to be human. Strange noises at night. Vehicle’s going completely dead.

The friends were starting to get scared and eventually learn that this will someone's last hunt...ever again.

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